MacBook Repair Services

Cracked Screen/LCD

Broken glass or distorted display? No problem! Our certified technicians can replace your screen using high quality parts, with a rigorous warranty.


Broken Keyboard

If one or more keys on your keyboard have stopped responding, we offer keyboard replacement services!


Broken Trackpad

Has your trackpad stopped responding, or does it have a mind of its own? If so, we can replace the trackpad and get your laptop working like new!


Battery Replacement

Battery life just not what it used to be, or dying at random percentages? A new battery should do the trick.


Water Damage

MacBook exposed to water? Shut it off and bring it to us right away so that it can be diagnosed and treated with proper care from proper technicians!



Need more computing power or more storage? Upgrades can breathe new life into your machine.


Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us to set up an appointment and get your laptop back in working order in no time!