About Us

 Refurbished IT equipment, at its best.
Logical Wireless is a leader in providing top-grade, affordable, and environmentally friendly refurbished devices to individuals, businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and not-for-profits.

Who We Are

Innovators with a vision of a greener future, we built Logical Wireless from the ground up with humble beginnings in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Twelve wonderful years later, we are still providing superbly restored, certified IT equipment—refurbished computers and printers that could otherwise wind up as technological waste.

What We Do

We help you get your work done by getting you the best IT equipment available. Whether it’s a refurbished laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, or printer, our comprehensively trained and A+ certified technicians restore all equipment to its original manufacturer’s specs, ensuring at every step that the client device performs to the highest standard.

Every machine we restore starts as a pre-owned device sourced from responsible, globally-minded businesses, and goes through our comprehensive in-house 15-step refurbishing process. By strictly adhering to environmental protocols in reusing, recycling, and refurbishing our equipment, we help minimize IT pollution—as do our clients.
Whether you’re a start-up looking for budget-friendly, top-quality IT solutions, or a Fortune 500 company, Logical Wireless provides refurbished like-new devices that are built to last.

Who You Are

You are an individual or a business-savvy forward thinker who wants to do good for the planet while meeting your organization’s need for the highest-performing IT equipment at a competitive price—you’re looking for much more than a refurbished-computer store.

Why People Love Us


With Logical Wireless, you get like-new refurbished equipment, tailored to your budget. Top-quality restored devices for a fraction of the cost? It’s a no-brainer.


Consider the Source

Logical Wireless only sources inventory from environmentally conscious professional organizations —never individuals. What does this mean to you? Top of the line, business-grade IT devices, built to last. 


Environmentally Friendly

Our parents raised us to “waste not, want not”—so why contribute to the millions of tons of technological waste that winds up in landfills every year? When you buy top-grade restored devices from Logical Wireless, you become a greener, more environmentally-conscious company. And make your parents happy


Experience Meets Technical Excellence

At Logical Wireless, top-notch workmanship is paramount. That’s why we only employ experienced, professionally trained technicians who make sure that every product performs like new. Sometimes better.


Wholesale Prices, One-on-One Client Support

One of the biggest advantages our clients enjoy is wholesale prices. But just because you buy in bulk and get discounted rates, doesn’t mean we treat you like a number. From flexible warranties to payment options, your needs are our priority, and your dedicated one-on-one account manager personally takes care of all the moving parts—from first quote and logistics to your upgrade through the Full Cycle Hardware program. And of course, our Customer Service Team is always here for you, as well.

Top Brands, Refurbished

Refurbished doesn’t mean off-brand. We provide devices manufactured by your favorite and trusted brands, like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, and more, restored to their original factory conditions and functionality.


Money-Back Guarantee

Every product you purchase from Logical Wireless
comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, and a 30-day limited warranty. The not-so-fine print: if something’s wrong with your order, shipping’s on us. Simply changed your mind? You pay shipping costs.